Tutoring NEEDS (AGES 1 – 18)

Tutoring has been proven to be an effective way to help students improve their grades, test scores, and behaviors about school and learning. Tutoring helps youth participate in the class environment and answer questions along with their peers; they are less disruptive and enjoy learning. One of the advantages of tutoring is that it helps the youth see that they’re making progress which can help change their mindset toward learning.

In continuing the ongoing mission of the Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas to support the unmet needs of children who are in or have been in foster care, this application to request needs should be used by Foster Parents, CASA's, CAP Attorney and Caregivers on behalf of the children and youth in foster care.

Please note the following guidelines:

  • We do not provide reimbursements. If the item or activity has already been paid for, please do not make a funding request.

  • We do not pay individuals, but send checks to businesses or programs only.

  • Since we would like to fund requests for as many children and/or youth as possible, only one request per child and/or youth will be considered in a six-month period.

  • Finally, after all the necessary documentation is received, please allow ten days for us to process this request.

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