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The Foundation’s History

The Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas, formerly the CASA Foundation of Las Vegas, was established in June, 1983. Over the years, the Foundation has added another component to its mission, and that is to address the children’s unmet needs not provided for through other means. This includes items such as tutoring, medical and dental needs, transportation costs for visits with family members, specialty camps, sports, music lessons, driving lessons, and more. The Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas is committed to making a difference in the lives of children in foster care in Clark County, Nevada.

The Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas is governed by an 8-seat volunteer board, including a four-person executive team and a full-time Executive Director. The Foundation is proud to support the unmet needs of abused and neglected children who have been or are currently in foster care in Southern Nevada. By securing resources and hosting events, the Foundation is able to provide opportunities for these children and youth to gain a sense of normalcy as they navigate through the foster care system.


These children also long to fit in with their peers at school and have “normal” childhood experiences. However, participating in an extracurricular activity is often beyond a foster child’s reach, causing them to not only feel different and separate from their peers, but to miss out on opportunities and experiences that allow them to build skills and relationships. The Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas aims to ease the stigma that affects many foster youth and help pave a smoother pathway to adulthood through social activities and other experiences.


It is a sad reality that the life of a child in foster care is full of disruptions. They often feel alone and unprepared when they are moved from home to home, causing frequent upheaval in their schooling and social life. With each disruption and uncertainty in their lives, these children and youth are placed at higher risk of learning disabilities and social implications.

A critical need, vital to the future success of at-risk children in foster care, is education. The Foundation works to give each student the extra help they need to be successful academically. Furthermore, the Foundation supports scholarship programs to help children from the foster care system continue their education in college or learn trades.

The Foundation’s program effort actively helps children and youth in foster care gain a sense of normalcy and receive opportunities they would otherwise not have. We accomplish this by securing resources and hosting events. The Foundation is dedicated to providing opportunities for these children and youth as they navigate through the foster care system.

Your support will provide a safer atmosphere for children in need.


Average Age:

8.6 years

Average Time in Placement:

20.4 months

Most Common Reasons for Placement:

#1 – Neglect

#2 – Abuse

ALL of these children have faced loss and trauma.

Children waiting to be adopted average 25 months in care after parental rights are terminated.

75% of children in foster care perform below academic grade level.

During their first year in care,

most of children experience instability, moving 2-3 times.

Up to 80% of children in foster care may have significant mental health issues.




4045 South Buffalo Drive

Suite A101-160

Las Vegas, NV 89147

*The Children’s Foundation of Las Vegas is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Tax I.D. 94-2920606

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